The session of the day with Romain who takes stock of the repair of his backstay plate. He was contacted this afternoon by the organization.



“Repairing my cap shroud is my hard job as a handyman today. We found the solution for that. I'm putting on my costume of light to tackle it. It's happening on the starboard float where I have to repair the torn pin... I put myself under three reefs and J3... it's safer. I have to manage to tinker with the thing before sending back, even if I will never be able to send back the whole canvas: I will be under 2 J2 reefs which would be exceptional given the situation. There's a fair amount of cross seas, so you'll have to be careful. But conditions are good otherwise. Me, I'm fine, even if it put me a little blow to morale. I had come out of bad weather, we had done a great job with Christian Dumard (his router), after my stopover in La Coruña. I was going great, until it happened to me. The morale was not terrible, but there, after having taken a rest, having eaten and after reflection, it is better! »Offers collected by C.El, editor for the Route du Rhum.