“Live with yourself”

I imagine that few of you have had the opportunity to live “with themselves”. Let me explain. A racing boat as big as it is, is composed of many things but a tiny cockpit, where fresh water is not common. And then we are alone, and we have few clothes, so at least if we push back the beak or we feel armpits, we will not bother the neighbor. I, who on the ground, am someone who pays more attention to his person, in any case be careful not to disturb those around him, whether by body or mouth odor, here I find myself in a rather special situation. And yes, my last real shower dates back to La Coruña (November 8) and my seawater shower with my special seawater soap (to be used during your cruises please, the fish at anchor will be grateful) from 14 November in front of Madeira, so you can see the olfactory table, we are on the 21st. Attention dear reader, I still do my little personal daily grooming…! But it looks like nothing works. I think I've come to a point where I don't stink anymore 😉 It's a strange feeling to self-disgust. I'm more noticeable as soon as someone smells a little sweat, but then there, it's all the sweat due to the hours of winch that has accumulated to form this nauseating smell. So I admit it, I stink! So I dream of my endless bath at the Arrawak hotel, arrived in Guadeloupe, and I wonder if my clothes will still be recoverable 😉
And you know what I'm gonna do now… take my seawater shower! Under the trade winds, alone on my boat, what a luxury 😉
Romain on the Atlantic, 1350 nautical miles from the finish