So, where is the little sailor with his circular economy message that he repeats to us every 4 mornings? He is crossing the ocean on his 3-legged machine and according to the latest news, he is arriving on Monday! He got high and it's not over, he gave his all, he drooled, he broke, he repaired, he stopped, he left! And it will get there.
So, yes, more than 20 days at sea mean that suddenly he talks about himself in the third person. Perhaps also because he thinks that he is you, because he is only a bearer of a message and defender of values ​​that we will have to integrate all of us into our daily lives. Did I tell you I was a little tired?
Let's resume. The essence of my message is to say that by crossing this ocean, I am confirming to you that nature is powerful, that it is beautiful, that we must respect it otherwise it mistreats us, and that in this ocean which brings you 80% oxygen we need, I did not see a single whale, like some other skippers, I hit a UFO which obviously had nothing natural and nothing to do on my way. And finally, I suffered a complicated weather, very different from what we could find 20 years ago in these same territories of our planet.… So, we already have too much choice but there is still time for it to come from us, for us to make an effort…. I wish your children could experience surfing in the moonlit Atlantic Ocean trade winds, too. So, what are you doing today, thinking about all this?
Use It Again! as a call to reason: reduce, reuse, recycle.