An unexpected visitor

This morning in the port of La Trinité-sur-mer, a dolphin was seen near the trimaran. What a beautiful animal, we want to approach it, to take a picture of it, to give it some food… But pay attention to two points: the first is your safety, they are wild animals; and the second is respect for the animal. Animals, just like us, must be treated with respect, for example, you must not chase them if they decide to leave the premises.

The scientist Olivier Adam, with whom we collaborate for the installation of the underwater microphones, spoke to us about it.

“Are cetaceans disturbed when we observe them? The answer is yes. And the next question is: what is the level of disturbance? Is it tolerable for cetaceans? The answers are difficult, because cetacean species are so different from each other, and also because it depends on the context (are they chasing a prey or are they trying to hit a target?) and on the environment (are these cetaceans residents of the area or are they just passing through?).”


So we invite you to observe these magnificent species but within reason of course!

See you soon!