For his first Route du Rhum and his first race aboard the Trimaran Remade-Use It Again, Romain Pilliard, like the entire fleet, was not spared. After a cautious start, the skipper of the Trimaran Remade-Use It Again spent part of the day in a windless bubble, tossed around by an already heavy sea. This evening, joined by his team, Romain made no secret of having slept very little and being prone to seasickness, but morale is good aboard Remade-Use It Again. At 11 p.m. on Monday, it was progressing at 16 knots, 170 miles from Cape Finisterre.

« The situation was complicated today for Romain, caught in the center of a low pressure system without wind, which explains his trajectory. Despite the lack of sleep, he is lucid and did well! It is progressing again this evening at more than 15 knots towards the South-West. Even if his situation is not ideal for the future, whatever is taken is good to take. He is the first of his small group of boats to have touched the wind. From midnight this evening, it could reach 30 to 40 knots of wind upwind and will have to deal with 5 and 6 meters of swell for three days. The objective is to let the worst of the depression pass and to hunker down while waiting for better conditions.“, indicates Christian Dumard, meteorologist and router of Romain Pilliard.


First photo on board!