Provisioning: ready to go!

The subject “provisioning” is one of the consequent subjects of the preparation of the Westabout Round The World.

Almost 4 months of meals are thought, prepared, selected, weighed and packed for the 2 skippers. And that represents about 400 kg of food! Romain and Alex have been able to taste a large part of what they are taking with them, but there are still a few little surprises. Everything has been thought of, starting with breakfast and ending with snacking throughout the day and night. Yes, our sailors don't have continuous 8 hour nights, one of them is always on standby and will need to feed.

Sterilised meals, organic bulk products, pasta, rice, cereals, canned food, vegetarian dishes, olive oil, biscuits, honey... in short, everything you need to keep you going physically and morally for almost 4 months.

A big thank you to all my team for this titanic task, and to my gastronomic partners

All this packaged per day, then per week in airtight bags ready to go around the world, all that's left to do is to think about the freshness.