Between two training sessions in La Trinité-sur-Mer, the skipper of Remade – Use It Again! Since its launch in early 2018, the projectUse It Again! led by navigator and entrepreneur Romain Pilliard, organizer of the TOUR DE BELLE-ILE, aims to promote and develop the circular economy by alerting the general public to the urgency of changing our consumption patterns, and encouraging manufacturers to reinvent themselves. , transform.


François-Michel Lambert, godfather of the trimaran Remade – Use It Again!

Supported by the National Institute of Circular Economy and the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Solidarity, Use It Again Endowment Fund ! already includes several philanthropists. Romain Pilliard-Use It Again's project! is a great concrete example of what can be achieved through the circular economy, even at the highest level of offshore racing. The Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe offers superb visibility to defend and promote our common values. We are very happy to accompany Use It Again! on this historic adventure. François-Michel Lambert, Deputy of the Bouches du Rhône and President of the National Institute of Circular Economy will sponsor this legendary boat on the 2 nd of November in Saint-Malo explains Stéphane Murignieux, Deputy Director General of the National Institute of Circular Economy

The Endowment Fund Use It Again!

The Use It Again Endowment Fund is recognized as being of public utility, its purpose is to promote the circular economy and its development in the nautical world (eco-design, waste management, etc.). "The boat has been renovated with attention to the choice of materials, the reuse or recycling of obsolete equipment », specifies Romain Pilliard, skipper of « Remade – Use It Again! Its participation in the 2018 Route du Rhum is the first promotional operation with the general public carried out by the Endowment Fund.

A few weeks before the start of La Route du Rhum, the Endowment Fund Use It Again! still looking for funds. Different types of donations (with tax deduction) are possible from private individuals or corporate sponsors.

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