Prevention is better than looking for the cure

« "Hi everyone, while conditions are still calm in the Atlantic, our days remain very busy! We are taking advantage of this weather forecast to do a lot of preventative work by reviewing everything that could potentially break in the months to come. Yesterday, Alex added over-sheaths on the ends - in particular, the ends of backstays. We had some doubt about it, and since the idea is to remove all doubts while the weather permits, we got to it before tackling the rest of this “Round the World”. For my part, I took out the J3, which is a heavy weather headsail (along with the J4, which is also called the tormentine). Then, we hoisted the J3 and reviewed the way the sheets were used. It was a good opportunity to repeat the maneuvers and be well on our way to have everything run smoothly when we face more difficult conditions. We are gradually acclimating to these summer temperatures, it is over 28 degrees right now…it is sweltering inside the boat! It's a bit of a sudden change, so we're spending a lot of time on deck. Good evening “ » Romain, aboard Use It Again! team

At 3:00 pm this Friday, Romain and Alex are about 400 miles from the Equator and are making progress at 17 knots.