Torres Strait Crossing!

The Trimaran use it again! by Extia enters the Torres Strait* and has just crossed Cape York located in the far north of Queensland in Australia, it is the northernmost point of Australia. Romain officially leaves the waters of the Pacific Ocean, heading for the Indian Ocean after the passage of the Arafura Sea!

« Hi everyone, here I am from Port Moresby and I am already in the Torres Strait. For the little postcard, I slalom between the small islets, I see sandy beaches in the distance, the water is a superb blue ... I arrived in the early morning, it is a channel with normally a lot of maritime traffic but there are not many people today and it is not worse like that. I remain very vigilant! " explains the skipper, happy to be back at sea after the disappointments of Port Moresby.

The Torres Strait, about 150 km wide, connects the Coral Sea to the east and the Arafura Sea to the west. An important international passage between Australia and Papua New Guinea, the Strait is shallow and the number of reefs and islands makes its navigation complicated. Several series of islands dot the strait, 274 have been identified of which 17 are now permanently inhabited. Luis Vaez de Torrès is the first European navigator to have crossed it in 1605.