In the Arafura Sea

The Trimaran use it again! by Extia continues its progress in the Arafura Sea. Following the advice of Christian Dumard, a router and meteorologist, Romain plays rock-to-the-ground along the northern coast of Australia.

After difficult days to manage in Port Moresby, the skipper finds a little serenity at sea by benefiting from very good conditions to cross the Torres Strait, a road known to be difficult. Luckily, Romain testifies to feeling alone in the world, the many cargo ships present in the area, seem to have left him the free way to the Indian Ocean.

In this video of the day, we understand that vigilance is always at sea. In these regions of the globe, grains can be violent! Or if Use It Again! by Extia continues its World Tour upside down, and that Romain has done what is necessary to be able to leave, the mainsail no longer has all its slats, so you have to be careful and especially anticipate all the maneuvers so as not to have unpleasant surprises and risk further damaging the boat's wardrobe.