A Sunday in Reunion Island

” Hi all, today Sunday I left my boat aside for a great day in the mountains. We had a nice walk in a place called Donkey's Back in the Mafate circus. A good trek of an hour and a half on steep trails in the real high mountain since it goes up to almost 3000 meters. The vegetation is lush, there are small lost villages that live in almost autonomy, it is very impressive.

I really needed to ventilate my head and especially to stretch my legs because if the navigation on Use It Again! by Extia is very physical, it basically makes me work cardio and upper body. I use my legs little and I still live in a very small space, I feel that they weaken over the course of this World Tour.

After the mountain, head to the sea at the end of the day to enjoy small special moments with my daughter Jodie.

Facing the sea and the mountains, I loved this stopover in Reunion that I did not know at all.

After a good night, we will do a weather report tomorrow morning and we will continue with Pascal to prepare the boat for a departure still scheduled for Tuesday.

Happy end of the weekend to all, I run in the arms of Morpheus”Romain.