Passing from the front

” Hi everyone, we are in the Mozambique Channel, we are progressing slowly to then benefit from more favorable conditions along the South African coast to descend with the Cape Agulhas current.

The boat is slamming, I feel bad for it, I'm still wondering how the landing is going to go, the rigging is shaking all along, from the hulls to the masthead, the halyards are snapping, it's not comfortable. We let this start pass with 3 reefs in the mainsail. We do the round back. We are still handicapped with this mainsail and the battens which have broken again. There are no more full battens on this mainsail! The equipment is being abused because with the Ushuaia accident we have fallen behind and we are now making progress in winter conditions. Our stopovers allowed us to tinker to continue but we stopped in remote places where the good will was present but not the equipment. This is the reason why we will stop in Cape Town, one of the only places on the route where there are the technical means.

We are reclusive in the boat, like mountaineers stuck in a refuge. I watch the big waves breaking from the porthole, the hull in the wind hits… I'm going to recover a little after a very active night shift to watch the many cargo ships, happy Sunday “Romain.