At 3:00 p.m. this Wednesday, Remade-Use It Again, skippered by Romain Pilliard, is stuck in a windless area in the south of the Madeira archipelago. Not enough to demoralize the sailor who is taking advantage of these mild conditions to check the repairs carried out yesterday on his trimaran and to put some order on the boat after a rather chaotic start to the Route du Rhum! From this evening, Remade-Use It Again should regain speed with the passage of a new front generating up to 25 knots of wind.

These boats always require maintenance, especially when there has been breakage. I also take care of the maintenance of the man, I dry the boots, the suit in which I lived for 5 days. And there I finish tightening my cap shroud, I take the opportunity to do it in calm and then I will redo the lashing (all the turns of ropes used to hold the cap shroud). After that, the repair will be officially finished and it will be a good thing to attack because we will have 20-25 knots of wind upwind again with a new front this evening and this night. It's the South, it's Madeira, the weather is nice, I took my shower but there's always work to do!