This is THE big topic for a solo sailor!

it's what can win or lose a race, and we're not just talking about the wind. Indeed without energy on board, no more autopilot, no more instruments, so on a long crossing, it is mandatory abandonment.

This subject is fascinating because there are magnificent sources of energy production on board a boat, between the wind turbine, the solar panels, and the hydro-generator for example. And these sources are suitable for ALL boats.

Who hasn't wondered why the cruise ships we rent don't have a wind turbine or a solar panel? Stupidly running your engine in a heavenly anchorage to run the fridge is absurd. Pollution, noise nuisance for oneself and neighbors…

On board the Roman trimaran will have 1 or 2 wind turbines, solar panels and the installation of a hydro-generator is under study. This small propeller at the end of a shaft (propeller) like a dinghy engine, whose drag is almost non-existent, produces a very interesting energy, and this from a fairly low speed of around 7 knots.

Subject that we will return to later with precise data on the consumers of the edge VS the needs.