ROMAIN PILLIARD isofficially registered with La ROUTE DU RHUM (ULTIM category) among the 6 boats of the category and the 120 boats of the race.
Registration for the race was closed on Saturday, March 31st at 120 boats, a record! and there are still boats on the waiting list, it will be an exceptional edition!
Philanthropists and main sponsors in a supporters' club have already invested in the project to have this Trimaran todayREADY TO SAIL .
This allows us to offer new sponsors a TURNKEY PROGRAM with an extraordinary budget compared to the budgets of other boats of the ULTIM class and the expected returns on investment:
1. IMAGE and NAMING of a legendary trimaran race, which returns to La Route du Rhum in the most impressive category, an exciting story to write together.
2.MEDIATIZATION.Guaranteed media coverage, thanks to our Media Partner the Prisma Group, our communication team and the atypical profile of the skipper in the ULTIME class, which includes only 6 boats and the 5 best skippers in the world (Francois Gabart, Thomas Coville, Francis Joyon, Armel Le Cléach and Sébastien Josse)
3.MOTIVATION OF THE TEAMS  through a strong human adventure, a project of which they will be proud to be a part.
4.EXCEPTIONAL NAVIGATIONS WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS on this giant Trimaran, your relationships will never be the same again.
This USE IT AGAIN! project is supported by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition of Nicolas Hulot, who will also participate in its promotion.