At 9 hours 08 minutes 25 seconds (HF) on Monday, the Remade-Use It Again trimaran skippered by Romain Pilliard crossed the finish line of La Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe in Pointe-à-Pitre. Ellen Mac Arthur's former 23-meter trimaran reconditioned by the Remade-Use It Again according to the principles of the circular economy wins 4th place in the Ultimate category. Romain Pilliard thus completed his first Route du Rhum in 21 days 19 hours 08 minutes and 25 seconds. It traveled 5,286 miles at an average speed of 10.10 knots.

First challenge met for the Remade project-Use It Again
It was 4 a.m. in Guadeloupe, in the mild Caribbean night and under a magnificent starry sky, when the trimaran Remade-Use It Again pointed the tip of its bows. Welcomed by his family, his partners and the organizers of La Route du Rhum, Romain Pilliard exults with joy after a 21-day Atlantic crossing punctuated by several adventures. " It's crazy to be here! I have lived a thousand lives since Saint-Malo. There were three phases: the very sturdy start, the pit-stop in La Coruña to repair my mainsail cars and then this big glitch on the starboard shroud which broke (note: part that holds the 30 meters). We had no choice, we had to find a solution otherwise, it was abandonment. I went through all that, I managed, I worked with my team to continue the adventure. I couldn't sail with more than two reefs in the mainsail and with my biggest headsails, it was really penalizing in terms of speed. It was frustrating but I couldn't take the risk of dismasting. So yes, it was long and it took me a week longer than I had planned… I went all the way because the maneuvers are long and difficult for an amateur, I am neither François Gabart nor Thomas Coville but I completed my first transatlantic! says Romain Pilliard, skipper of the trimaran Remade-Use It Again.

Together towards the circular economy
What a fine achievement the arrival of the trimaran Remade-Use It Again in Pointe-à-Pitre this Monday, November 26, three months after her launch. " The objective was to show that we could build a project that tells a story beyond the sporting results logically expected in this Ultimate category. We want to challenge the players in the nautical industry on this sustainable approach to work together tomorrow so that it is also synonymous with performance. I am proud and happy that this beautiful boat is sailing again to carry this strong message of the circular economy, which has also become Ellen MacArthur's fight. We did things collectively with our partners and that is the very essence of our approach,” concludes Romain who, naturally positive, already seems to have forgotten all the hardships he went through during these 21 days of racing. “The good times always outweigh the bad, at sea and on land! It is certain that I will continue to sail on this boat. As always, my head is full of plans… In the meantime, my dearest wish is a good meal, a shower and a nap! »

Message from Matthieu Millet, President and Founder of Remade: “I am proud and admiring of Romain. Crossing the Atlantic, alone, in the difficult weather conditions of this 2018 edition, what a challenge! The course was not easy with two technical problems which very quickly limited the performance of the boat. But Romain was able to repair, adapt and set off again to continue to uphold the values ​​of the circular economy. Fourth at Point-à-Pitre des Ultimes… with a reconditioned version of a legendary boat, it has to be earned. You have to try, learn, try again. The Remade, Use It Again is there to show that it is possible to do things differently, and for this first major event, the objective has been fully achieved. Well done Roman. Well done, and thank you."