47ans, entrepreneur, navigateur engagé

married and partnered with Aurélie Pilliard, father of 3, Titouan, Colas and Jodie.


Born in Paris, Romain discovered sailing with his family in Brittany, and regatta during his studies at ’ESSEC. He will then participate as a teammate in the Tour de France à la Voile in particular with the selection crew for the America's Cup.

After a first professional experience, Romain embarked on ocean racing and took part in the French solitaire championship with the Solitaire du Figaro in 2000 and 2001.

He will then navigate as’a team member on IMOCAs, notably with Ellen MacArthur, as well as on multihulls ORMA 60, MOD 70…

He created with his wife Aurélie,the sports marketing agency EOL (www.eol-sports.com) specializing in sailing.

They imagine and organize the TOUR DE BELLE-ILE in 2008, which quickly became the largest sailing race in France bringing together 500 boats on a starting line. An annual event that has become a classic bringing together professionals and amateurs, which celebrated its 11th anniversary this year.

It is between Brittany and Shanghai that this USE IT AGAIN project! was born


Romain Pilliard :

“I spent time at sea, I traveled a lot, lived in China, and we can only be shocked by what we see, the pollution, the plastic, the unbreathable air, the unsafe water. drinking, climate change… We realize that we have gone too far!

We must quickly find alternative solutions to our economy, to our consumption patternsMany initiatives are underway, but change must concern everyone, and all areas. In ocean racing, and high performance sport in general, we still have a long way to go, but nothing is impossible.

The research of absolute performance at an ecological cost that Man can no longer assume.

With USE IT AGAIN I seek to raise awareness among as many people as possible aboutclimate emergency and the need to protect the Ocean. We must demonstrate sobriety and resilience, in order to accelerate our transition towards circular economy.

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