One year already…

Just a year ago, Romain Pilliard set off on his very first Route du Rhum at the helm of his trimaran Ultime Use It Again! team What a long way since November 4, 2018 and still a goal :Promote the circular economy to as many people as possible, educate and raise awareness among schoolchildren, students, businesses and find alternative solutions to our consumption patterns!
The adventure continues in 2020 with a great sporting objective: the participation of the trimaran Use It Again! team To THE TRANSAT . The mythical single-handed transatlantic will set off on May 10, 2020 from Brest direct to Charleston in the United States!
Romain's words:
November 4, this date still resonates in me as the start of the rest of my (professional) life. Giving meaning to a magnificent project initiated 3 years ago, fighting for the future, for our children, for the Earth. Give your all to be at the start of this mythical transatlantic race, be with them, these 5 other ultimate trimarans, the best sailors in the world. This has been the biggest challenge of my life so far: racing the Route du Rhum solo on this magnificent Trimaran Ultime. Because yes, these are big words maybe, but the circular economy is about protecting the Earth's resources, which are not infinite. It is to initiate change, it is to say that we can all act. Everyone has their part.
So simply THANK YOU to all of you who follow us, encourage us, send us messages. Keep doing it, that's what carries us through tough times. I still remember Aurélie telling me by satellite communication after 5 days at sea that we had received hundreds of messages. Nothing like it to cheer up a sailor in his technical setbacks, alone at sea 😉 We are in full preparation for the 2020, 2021, 2022 seasons. And for this, the eternal quest for partners who will accompany us in OUR challenge to all, that of developing our economy, that of influencing for change; the famous transition. Talk about Use It Again! around you, let's discuss it. At the time of my new fatherhood, I am confident and fight every day for my 3 children to say goodbye to me, when I leave alone again on my beautiful trimaran, departing from Brest for Charleston (The Transat) next May 10. “




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