A concrete example of circular economy


The objective of using existing materials and giving them a second life on this racing traimaran is not always simple, but always a source of satisfaction.

This is once again the case with my excellent SOLBIAN SOLAR solar panels, which we asked to look in their workshop to see if they had any panels to repair, which we could reassemble to equip the Trimaran.

They participate in the energy mix on board to power my instruments.

Moreover, they are placed on a canvas which is not at all made for this; this is decommissioned car airbag fabric. We have collected hundreds of meters of it and this fabric is very light and resistant! 

To remember in this operation:

👉 Equipping yourself with good refurbished equipment is possible

👉 Gently putting pressure on a supplier is possible

👉 Finding solutions, ideas from other sectors of activity in general: this is the circular economy, a participative economy to collectively find solutions to limit our impact.