It is possible to conceive things differently!

Use It Again! It's the name of the endowment fund for the promotion and development of the Circular Economy, but it is also the name of the ULTIM racing trimaran reconditioned and optimized according to the principles of the circular economy.

Use It Again ! positions itself as an influencer in the transition towards a circular economy.


The actions of Use It Again! :

1// Leading by example / Communication

Started in 2016, the campaign Use It Again! was highlighted on the last Route du Rhum. By finishing 4th in the Ultimate category at the helm of his giant trimaran recycled according to the principles of the circular economy, Romain Pilliard and his team proved that a successful project could be integrated into a circular economy.

The maintenance of the trimaran and its optimization are the result of constant research to find innovative solutions to reduce our impact. The trimaran is a concrete example of this transition process towards a circular economy.

The races in which he participates allow the project to be publicized and to meet as many people as possible.


2// Awareness-raising: Bear witness, sensitize, influence

Interventions in primary schools, high schools, essec business school, the French embassy in London, changenow summit, french founders, corporate conferences ...

  • How to enter the circular economy? : concrete example on the trimaran Use It Again !
  • Testimony of the sailor and the entrepreneur
  • The notion of performance must not evolve if we seek to reduce our impact on the environment?? What if we talked about relative performance…


3// Labelling of projects with a positive impact for the planet

Offer a label « Use It Again ! » to companies and project leaders aimed at reducing the impact of man on the planet.

After selection, Use it again ! offers them according to the case :

  • The trimaran and the events in which it participates as a support for the communication of their project
  • Access to the Use It Again eco-system!
  • the expertise and network of its partners