The trimaran Use It Again! team has arrived in Marseilles!

” I am very happy to be here in Marseille with the Use It Again trimaran! to support HLD and its fund for the protection of the Mediterranean. The HLD day for the Mediterranean on September 23, to which I am invited, is an excellent initiative to allow associations working to protect the beautiful blue sea to present their actions and find funding to do so. It is essential today to help them and to all participate in our own way to protect our oceans and our planet. The danger is real today, and we sailors experience it on a daily basis. Extreme weather phenomena are increasingly common, and plastic pollution evident. I also damaged one of the trimaran's rudders during the delivery from Brittany to Marseille by hitting an unidentified floating device, and this is unfortunately common today! I am proud to wear the colors of HLD with Use It Again! because it is all together through this kind of action that we will get there! » Romain Pilliard, skipper of the trimaran Use It Again! team