Already two weeks of racing for the Remade-Use It Again trimaran. This

This afternoon, Romain Pilliard was contacted during the official session. Extract :

“I am moving forward with a boat in distress. I am limited to my reef 2 J2 maximum. There I am even under ris 3 J3. We are in the process of passing yet another front the front. It's not too active, it's fine and it's a priori the last before hitting the trade winds. So I'm not moving very fast unfortunately. We remain cautious on the rigging. But I'm making my way with an ETA around November 25/26. We deal with it. We'll see later if we can send in a bit of canvas to speed up when the sea is less choppy. I want to lengthen the stride in this last straight line. Otherwise, I feel very good on board, that's why it's frustrating because the boat is not up to its potential. But as soon as I'm on port tack, I'll be able to haul in more canvas. But here we go. I can't wait to be in the trade winds."

Interview by C. Elbeze.