Use It Again! lance son podcast !

In this period of confinement, we invite you to discover the very first episode of the Use It Again Podcast! A few minutes to set sail and dive into the circular economy with the skipper of the Trimaran Use It Again!

The Podcast Use It Again!, what's this ?

An audio navigation of a sailor committed to the circular economy through the impactful and positive solutions that contribute to preserving the world of tomorrow. Romain Pilliard, navigator and father of three children takes you along the water to meet companies, associations, athletes or players in the circular economy.

In this first episode, Romain Pilliard meets Eva Engelen from Mud Jeans to talk about the circular economy in the textile industry.

To listen to it, it's simple:
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– 5 // Escape for 17 minutes in the news of the circular economy