The Use It Again Endowment Fund exists thanks to its philanthropist.
Different types of donations are possible from patrons, individuals or companies, to the Endowment Fund. These donations are fully allocated to the development and promotion of the circular economy. They offer the right, depending on the type of donation, to a tax deduction between 60% and 66%.
Project management (sports / communication / Patron Relations) is entrusted by the endowment fund to the sports marketing agency EOL Sports & Lifestyle.
The endowment fund proposes a COUNTERPARTY PROGRAM  for different types of sponsorship budgets.
The advantages of being a PHILANTHROPISTS :
1. IMAGE  of an environmental innovation project, coupled with a human and sporting project. There is an exciting story to be written together.
2.MEDIATIZATION.Media coverage guaranteed throughout the year, thanks to our communication team and interventions in conferences and atypical profile of the skipper in the ULTIM class of races.
3. FEDERATE AND MOTIVATE YOUR TEAMS through a strong human adventure, a project of which they will be proud to be a part of. This Use It Again project is also an effective recruitment tool to attract new skills.
4.EXCEPTIONAL INVITATIONS to visit this giant Trimaran, meet the skipper and his team, and even sail with them.
To find out about the different levels of PHILANTROPISM offered, or to participate in the SUPPORTERS' CLUB, do not hesitate to contact us on