The power of the collective

Romain participated this week in an event at the Climate Academy in Paris, bringing together 25 committed athletes, from 13 different disciplines, to bring about a collective capable of changing the lines. All from different worlds, but all facing the same problems in the practice of their sporting disciplines in the face of the climate issue.
Transport to competitions, overconsumption of equipment, the search for performance through ever more innovative technologies whatever the cost to the planet...

This gathering is an exceptional opportunity for Romain and all these committed athletes to feel less alone in their convictions, and to feel this collective strength which will allow them to support each other in their respective fights.

Camille Etienne came to talk to them about the power of the collective in activism and effective ways to use it.

It is now up to them to transform this mutual aid into a collective capable of adapting high-level sport to the world of today and tomorrow.