Raising awareness, informing, sharing with children around the world is one of the important components of the campaign of Use It Again! by Extia. It is the young generation who will shape our world of tomorrow, so when he is not at sea, Romain likes to meet children and collaborate with teachers.

We would like the whole report to contribute to improving climate knowledge around the world, to be used in education on a global scale for teenagers and students, so that they can acquire the latest and best available knowledge,” Valérie Masson-Delmotte, research director at the CEA and co-chair of the N1 group of the IPCC since 2015.

 Teachers, professors, let's work and act together!
Contact us on: team@useitagain.earth

Since 2020, Romain and his children, Titouan (16) and Colas (13) have been ambassadors for the Children for The Oceans Association created in 2018 by Thomas Lesagee. Find out here this beautiful association.