The association Children for the Oceans was founded in June 2018 by 15-year-old Thomas Lesage. While sailing around the world on a school boat, the teenager intervenes in different schools to talk about his experience. He is building a network of young ambassadors around the world, young people who regularly intervene in schools in their respective countries to raise awareness of ocean protection in a simple and fun way. The community created around the project already gathers more than 800 child-members and 12 ambassadors around the world, who like Thomas are curious and concerned and wish to contribute to the safeguarding of the oceans.

"Children are our best ambassadors, I spend a lot of time in schools and I am also a sponsor of a school in Guadeloupe. Raising awareness among children has a wider impact on the family. I am the father of three children, two of whom are teenagers, and they are growing up aware of the importance of making things happen for our planet. We must trust this new generation! Adds Romain Pilliard.

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The RespectOcean network's main objective is to contribute to "Inserting activities in a logic of sustainable development, in favor of the protection of the oceans."

RespectOcean is based on the constitution of a network of maritime companies and organizations (associations, professional organizations, etc.), united around the same commitment and responsibility towards the sea and all its stakeholders.

The RespectOcean network is based on the following actions:
– The identification and promotion of good practices and innovations of the members of the association,
– The co-drafting, revision and acceptance of a common charter of commitment by all its members,
– Accompanying its members in their journey towards sustainable development, through networking, exchange, education, and sharing of resources,
– This website to concretize the network, to make it live and animate it, to make it known, and to open it towards the other stakeholders of the maritime world: public research organizations, state services, associations, personalities...
– Concertation actions, meetings, workshops, around the issues, and towards the other actors.
– Conference interventions, communication actions, relaying the process undertaken by RespectOcean and the concrete actions of its members.
– A multi-actor dialogue by establishing partnerships with other actors involved in sustainable development actions.
– A representation of its members

« It is by setting an example, by taking concrete actions, that the values of the network will have an impact. Pragmatism guides our actions. »

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