Unstable weather along Brazil

At 9:00 this morning, Use It Again! progressed at 13 knots in a slight easterly flow and was 1014 miles ahead of the record.

The news of the edge: "Hi everyone, it's 7:30 am at your house, I'm coming out of my shift. I sleep awake. We fought a lot tonight, there is a super moon that illuminates us as in broad daylight, it's beautiful. We were caught under a windless cloud at the beginning of the night, so to get out of it, we made several changes of sails between gennaker and J1 then J1, J2. In short, it is quite unstable but we are on it.

When I write, we go down port amure along Brazil with thunderstorms of sick, there are lightning in all directions, it's impressive, I hope they will stay away from us! We fell good, here is a photo of our sunset last night. Have a good day everyone!" Romain on Use It Again!