Throwback to a great first!

November 18-24 is Waste Reduction Week. Obviously, it is not just one week a year that we must take care to reduce our waste but all year round! We take stock with Romain of his good habits and point out the gestures that he could still improve as a family on a daily basis. And you, where are you?

  • I use my bag or my shopping bag = I have still an organic cotton bag from the TOUR DE BELLE-ILE that I organize every year.
  • I buy by the cut or in bulk = Still, especially my favorite piece of Parmesan cheese.
  • I buy eco-refills = Stillbut I try to use as little as possible
  • I limit packaging = Always! Recently, our family has grown and we receive a lot of parcels “gifts” and I am freaked out about the size and number of packages for a single product!
  • I prefer eco-labeled products = Still !
  • I prepare my shopping list = Occasionallybut it's rare, I'm not the king of anticipation and I prefer to buy what I need at the moment
  • I do the food shopping in the right order = Never, I'm often in a hurry so I don't anticipate the order in which I'll do the shopping. I prefer to spend a little more time reading the labels to choose the right products.
  • I buy the right amount of food = Still
  • I am vigilant on the expiry dates = Stilland I also know that there are many foods that we can eat past the best before dates.
  • I take care of the good conservation of food = Still, it's so simple when you have at home or in your fridge only what you need!
  • I cook cleverly =Occasionally
  • I accommodate leftovers =Still, sometimes the result is amazing!
  • I have the right reflexes in the restaurant =Still, I find out about the quantities, and I never order dessert in advance and depending on it, I share with Aurélie, my wife who has a small appetite 😉
  • I opt for rechargeable batteries = Still
  • I borrow or I rent =Still, for example, we rent our car.
  • I give, I exchange instead of throwing away = Stillincluding clothes, those of our children, mine but also sailing or leisure equipment (paddle, bikes, etc.), recently, we also gave away our sofa. It really has become a habit!
  • I repair or I have repaired = Stillespecially appliances! We are lucky to have small businesses nearby that play the game well and work very well.
  • I offer dematerialized gifts = Occasionally, I think I can actually improve on that!
  • I write "stop pub" on my mailbox = Still especially since we are often absent! Finally, I think the “Stop Pub” was one of the first gestures adopted by the French to reduce waste.
  • I limit my paper prints = Still ! I think that in 15 years we have reduced impressions by 90%!
  • I use my cup at the office = I have still my TOUR DE BELLE-ILE mug or my water bottle Use It Again! at the office and the quality of the water being good at home, we only drink tap water.
  • I take reusable tableware for outdoor dining = Stilland on my boat too!
  • I make compost =Neverbut I asked myself the question very recently. We are often away and I don't yet know how to properly manage the compost in our absence.
  • I practice mulching = Never,I must admit that I did not know this term! I'm not a gardening whiz, I leave the spaces as wild as possible in our garden.
  • I sort my waste and bring back my used objects and products = Still, this is the basis !

If you want more details on each of these actions, go to: