Less than two months from the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe, navigator Romain Pilliard is sure to take the start of the legendary transatlantic solo at the helm of Ellen MacArthur's former Castorama trimaran. Renamed, Remade – Use It Again!this legendary boat is going back to sea to promote the circular economy alongside Remade, a French specialist in the reconstruction and reconditioning of high-tech devices and the Endowment Fund Use It Again!. Romain Pilliard thus officially becomes the 6th competitor in the Ultimate category. Top start on November 4 in Saint-Malo.

Remade et Use It Again! the circular economy on La Route du Rhum
Since its launch in early 2018, the project Use It Again! led by navigator and entrepreneur Romain Pilliard, organizer of the TOUR DE BELLE-ILE, aims to promote and develop the circular economy by alerting the general public to the urgency of changing our consumption patterns, and encouraging manufacturers to reinvent themselves. , transform. This summer, Remade, which has specialized in rebuilding iPhones since 2013, got involved in the project. Together, on the Route du Rhum 2018, Remade and Use It Again! will share a concrete vision of sustainable development that drives their projects. Reduce, recycle, reuse, give a new sustainable life, a common commitment.

European leader in its market, Remade is today a major player in the circular economy and sustainable industry in France but also in Europe, Africa and the United States. "The project of Romain and his team goes well beyond the Route du Rhum and defends values ​​dear to Remade. By saving several tens of tons of CO2 equivalent emissions each year and by preserving rare resources, Remade has developed a unique iPhone reconstruction industry that is innovative, responsible and French. Uniting the strengths, passion and convictions of our Breton and Norman neighbors on such a remarkable project is an opportunity that Remade could not reasonably pass up.says Matthieu Millet, Founding President of the Remade Group.

The Endowment Fund Use It Again!

Supported by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and by the National Institute of Circular Economy, the endowment fund Use It Again! brings together several patrons, including a main one, Ateliersterenn.com. A Breton start-up that offers another way of consuming, designing and carrying out your projects by providing a turnkey solution for the exterior of your home. "Our first exchange with Romain Pilliard immediately allowed us to share the same values. Since the launch of Ateliersterenn.com, we have been campaigning for another way of consuming that is more virtuous for the environment. Be a patron of the “Use It Again!” project. is essential for me because we have to change the way we consume in the long term. »Stéphane CHÊNE Director General of Ateliersterenn.com.

After several months of work, the trimaran Remade – Use It Again! was relaunched at the end of August in Lorient. Thanks to the Endowment Fund Use It Again!the boat has been renovated with attention to the choice of materials, the reuse or recycling of obsolete equipment. "It is a question of showing what can be accomplished by following the concepts of the circular economy within the framework of such a project, at the highest level of ocean racing, to give ideas to the various actors of the nautical industry and to everyone in their everyday life, explains Romain Pilliard, skipper of Remade – Use It Again! The Route du Rhum is a dream for many of us, but to participate in this event by defending my convictions, by carrying a strong and common message with our partners, it is an exceptional opportunity. As for this boat, beyond its history with Ellen MacArthur, I am happy to have it sail again. It has all the assets to cross the Atlantic single-handed: simple, reliable and swift. I don't have a result objective except to arrive in Pointe-à-Pitre in a good race time for this boat, and to convey the message of the essential transformation towards a circular economy and to meet the local players in the circular economy when I arrived in Guadeloupe. »