D-2 before arrival

Less than 600 miles from the finish, the Use It Again by Extia trimaran is making progress this morning at more than 15 knots in the trade winds. Under J2 and 1 reef in the mainsail, Romain manages the always violent and numerous passages of squalls approaching the Caribbean arc.

“My transat continues cheerfully to the rhythm of the gybes and the nice swell! It's been pretty bumpy this year. The trade winds are well formed. It's a nice transat where I feel good on my old boat. It's not the same as my friends in Ultimate on their big boats which go very fast, but I'm enjoying the elements more! I am constantly wet because I am not sheltered like them. Congratulations again to them for their time on the course, it's incredible. For my part, I go at my own pace, I fight against other boats, I feel in my place and I try hard to get there. It's a great boat, it passes the wave well. I'm glad to be here!”