Towards a Sunday or Monday departure?

Wait ... Put all the logistics in place for an imminent departure, say goodbye to the family, have your boots on, the adrenaline pumping and ... finally stay warm for a few more days. These are the hazards of departures in Record around the World. While the situation is not very comfortable for the sailors and their teams, it is nonetheless classic. 

We are always on a possible window onSunday 19 or Monday 20 December. The American and European models diverge a bit. But a departure seems possible and that is why we are inCode Orange “explains Romain Pilliard.

The skipper of the TrimaranUse It Again! team adds: ” When you prepare for an event like La Route du Rhum, you know that you will have to deal with imposed weather conditions. On a record, it's different. For this start of the Round the World Record in Reverse, we don't need a perfect weather window like the Spindrift team, for example, which hopes to beat the Jules Verne Trophy in 40 days. We nevertheless wish to leave with weather conditions that will allow us to approach the passage of Cape Horn with a boat in condition to face the South Seas. Between Wednesday and Thursday, we closely observed a depression off the Azores. We were preparing to cross it in tonic conditions (just over 30 knots) but in a few hours, the depression picked up very quickly, generating winds of 50 knots. We are not going to lie to each other, we have no reason to hurt ourselves for fun from the start.

The website and social networks will be updated daily until departure to keep you informed. In the meantime, the sailors are polishing the last details on the boat, responding to media requests (Listen to the interview live on Europe 1) and share time with the family.