24 hours under high voltage

“Since yesterday, it's been the apocalypse on Use It Again! by Extia… Buckets of water fall, there is water everywhere in the cockpit, there are thunderstorms with lightning in all directions, dense fog, the wind passes from 5 to 35 knots, the sea is crossed, it is very hot 28 degrees, the water temperature is also very high (25-26 degrees). Because of the heat and humidity, I am in an area where there is more convective activity, Christian Dumard tells me.
The bad news is that there is breakage: in a surf stronger than the others, and in a really crossed sea, I shot 160 degrees as I usually do, but a wave on the side lifted the float downwind and sent the GV back which got caught in the bastaque in the wind. Result: 4 broken slats. I am sickened especially since I had just solved all the little tinkers on board… 
I wait for the storms to pass, I have slumped the mainsail. I cut off the means of communication so as not to grill all this if I take lightning. A few more bad hours to spend and I will find solutions! ” 
While waiting to have fresh news from Romain, the team on land is already looking for solutions including the sailboat of Use It Again! by Extia to offer different repair options to Romain who will have to put on his Mac Gyver costume again.