Tomorrow on Cape Horn ?

That's it, Romain Pilliard and Alex Pella, accompanied by Christian Dumard (their router and meteorologist on land), finally seem to catch sight of a weather window which could facilitate and launch an assault on the mythical Cape Horn. Still safe in the shelter of Tierra del Fuego in the North of the Strait of Lemaire, where they have taken refuge since Sunday evening, Romain and Alex will try to round Cape Horn Wednesday , during the day. Certainly a dreaded stage of this “Westabout World Record Attempt journey, it can also be a very symbolic and important moment in the lives of sailors.

This Tuesday, as shown by their trajectorymapRomain and Alex were currently at the extreme eastern tip of Tierra del Fuego to let in a new southwesterly gale at more than 35 knots. Tomorrow, the duo will attempt a first approach to Cape Horn in winds that are a priori manageable, but the big question remains the practicability of the sea which promises to be very rough after the passage of the front on Tuesday. Once past Cape Horn, the uncertainties remain: will they be able to set off on the crossing of the Pacific…or will they first have to take shelter along the Chilean coast?

« Today, we are preparing as we would for a big event...… but, we don't know what type of event. We just know that it's navigation and that it's a legendary cape to pass: the Horn. The grail of all navigators, and what's more, from East to West. How many have sailed it? If Neptune and Eole are kind to us, there will be two more tomorrow. But it's not just a cape at sea, it's also a cape for the Use It Again! teaminitiated with Aurélie, my wife, 6 years ago, a commitment for a better future. A desire to unite, encourage change and inspire. For the past few days, we have been in the middle of an environment that seems almost virgin; we are surrounded by hundreds of birds, giant algae (kelp) which grows as it pleases at the bottom of the ocean…the air is cold and pure, as is the water, which comes out of our desalinator - it looks like spring water. What have we done to our Earth? Let's at least try to preserve our ocean. Our planet should bear this name since there is much more water than land, and it is water that is the source of life on Earth. Finally, almost a month since we left, we find that there is no routine, boredom or weariness because every moment is different: the colors, the lights, the sea, the reflections, its state… it is simply magic. Only one thing still surprises me: it seems endless, it's just a continuity of navigation, sliding, there is no break, no foot on the ground to take a break and eat a good salad with a good beer. I may become merien then…… Bye",just send Romain.