Head for the Sala y Gomez island !

“Hi earthlings, we have passed the 100th meridian West and we are heading towards the small islet Sala y Gomez*, the trimaran slides at 15 knots. We progress in a Southeast flow of 12 to 15 knots, the conditions are perfect and the Pacific begins to offer us sumptuous lights. All is well aboard Use It Again! by Extia."”

*Sala y Gómez Island is located 391 kilometers east of Easter Island, the nearest land and 3,210 kilometers west of the shores of the Biobio region of Chile. Sala y Gómez Island consists of two islets that were discovered by the Spanish sailor José Salas Valdès in 1793, and it was a certain José Manuel Gomez who first described it in 1805, hence the name Sala y Gomez islet.
It is a volcanic island, part emerged from a high underwater mountain that rises from a seabed located at a depth of 3,500 meters. Its area is about 15 hectares, or 0.15km2, and its length is 770 meters. Its highest point, in the south of the eastern island, is thirty meters. The island is covered with sea salt and the coast is full of pools at the foot of the cliffs making docking difficult. The island is home to a dozen species of birds and although devoid of trees, it is home to four species of plants mainly ferns.