News: First choco kiff!
At 7:30 p.m., the trimaran Use It Again! team is sailing at more than 17 knots off the coast of Lisbon. Romain and Alex crossed Cape Finisterre around 1 am last night and are gradually getting into the rhythm ” World Tour”. If Romain admitted this morning that he was still prone to seasickness ” the sea is still very rough, I am a little flat, the bile does not make the monk, ” he said ironically to his shore team, we see this evening in the last video on board that the skipper of Use It Again! team got back on his feet, even treating himself to his first ” Choco Kiff ” of this Round the World Tour (you should know that Romain runs on land as well as at sea with chocolate), a pleasure visibly shared by Alex! Thank you Chocolate House !