In the South, all!

In the race, there are nights that we dread more than others, there are messages that we expect more than others. When it was time to go to bed for our earthlings who were well dry, the spirits were more than ever turned towards those who are at sea with the announcements last night of several major damages in the fleet and the passage of a new front. First satisfaction for the Use It Again by Extia team when they woke up this morning, the phone did not ring last night! Phew…

The point with Romain this morning:

“Hi, the night went as well as possible by hunching over. Yesterday my chainplate of the running backstay tore off the deck (a hook on the deck at the end which holds the mast) but I found solutions with the architect of the boat and this should not be too penalizing for the rest of the race. The objective of the day is to put South in my way to escape the next front. There is less wind, I went back under J1 and a reef in the mainsail to pick up speed. It still hits hard, I force myself to eat to be on it. Good Sunday to all. »