Ensemble !

Last week, the USE IT AGAIN team was in Paris for the final of the Ocean Pitch Challenge ofRespect Ocean /Sustainable Ocean Alliance of which Romain Pilliard is ambassador. The navigator took the opportunity to go to ChangeNow, the positive impact event of which he has also been one of the explorers for several years. Three days of meetings and exchanges with project leaders and initiatives to change the world of tomorrow. This year, 17-year-old Titouan Pilliard also presented the sports and awareness program USE IT AGAIN for YOUTH, and shared his experience on the Upside Down Round the World. Let's act together now!  

« ChangeNow is an important event for all of us, activists, defenders of the Ocean, project leaders, or simple citizens whose future of our Planet is a major concern. We sometimes feel a bit alone in our daily struggle, and I come back from this weekend full of meetings with a good dose of optimism even if there is still a lot of effort to be made to deal with the urgency of climate change.On the eve of the launch of the Trimaran USE IT AGAIN, this confirms me a little more in the choice of our actions”, says Romain Pilliard.

This year, the skipper of the Trimaran USE IT AGAIN did not come alone to ChangeNow to bring the voice of the circular economy and the protection of the ocean, his young son, Titouan, was also invited to the event. He shared during a conference his experience on the last stage of the Round the World Upside Down (Watch the movie) and introduced the USE IT AGAIN for YOUTH program. Raising awareness among the youngest and students, but also the desire to race offshore differently with a boat that he will renovate according to the principles of the circular economy to inspire his generation, are his objectives. He will participate in this context in the next Route du Rhum, where he will certainly be the youngest and the most committed!

«He grew up in this philosophy of respect for our planet by our side and is very involved in associationsChildren for the Oceans andYouth for Climate. It is a source of great pride to see his determination and ease in defending his values ​​in front of the general public.The duo that we form at sea is also a duo on land to be even stronger in our outreach to young people. Titouan is a committed teenager and an excellent competitor. I am happy to accompany him and to see him also forge his own experience through other disciplines,” concludes Romain.  

After this inspiring Parisian stopover at ChangeNow, more motivated than ever, the skipper of USE IT AGAIN has returned to his boat to finalize the launch scheduled for Friday in Hennebont. The post-Route du Rhum winter yard allowed for general maintenance of the boat, the one and only way to preserve the equipment so that it can be used for as long as possible. Remember, this beautiful trimaran is already 20 years old!