Code Red: No departure imminent

This week has been rich in weather analysis. The weather analysis is done using different models which give a trend over several days. There are American, European, German models.
Each model has its analysis and the models must converge on the same situation in order to ensure the right conditions.
As part of the departure of Use It Again! team the team aims to find the trade winds that propel them up to the equator. So you have to get out of the Bay of Biscay (around 24 hours) and hang in a downwind if possible, to slide south. And it is precisely this transition that is the problem.
A first scenario appeared with a departure on Thursday. Then the situation evolved negatively canceling the option of Thursday, and showed a possibility of departure on Sunday (tomorrow). And again, the patterns showed strong divergence yesterday morning, which was confirmed heir tonight and this morning. This leaves little hope for catching the north of the secondary depression that was targeted in the South-East of the Azores, and descending behind it.
It was therefore decided to switch back to Code Red, as there is no window possible before the 25th or 26th.