The story of victoryAfter an exceptional race and 11h03 of racing from the Isle of Wight, in the lead from the start, Romain and Titouan crossed the finish line 1st with only 3 minutes ahead of the second boat.

> Romain: “We got off to a good start, even if the situation was not easy. We slalomed and gybed among the 190 competing boats, and spectators, in the middle of the Solent. With a trimaran like this, and double-handed, it's sport, but we managed well. We favored the Isle of Wight coast and quickly took the lead.

Then we kept up the pressure all the way to make the most of the boat's potential. We had good multihulls and two Volvo 70s behind us, so nothing was certain. We made some good moves, and few mistakes.

2 nautical miles from the finish line, we fell for the first time in an area with no wind at all. We even backed up for several minutes because of the contrary current. It created a surreal but intense moment under the moonlight. Then we drove off and were stopped a second time, as we watched the boat behind us, a Volvo 70, approaching. Finally, we touched a light breeze which allowed us to cross the finish line, winning with a 3 'advance, the deliverance!

It was really an exciting race from start to finish, very physical also in doubles, and hard on the nerves at the finish. But we again made a great pair with Titouan, it was still a great experience, and rewarded by the result!

> Titouan: “What a race, it was crazy! This is my 2nde race and already my 1st victory is great! We managed to be super focused on our navigation, our maneuvers, and our trajectories, from the start phase to the finish. That is to say, no respite for 11 hours, for two, on this boat where everything is very physical, it was sport!

But everything went well because we form a great pair with my father, I feel that I have progressed, and the communication between us has become even more fluid. We didn't even need to talk to each other about the manoeuvres, it was rolling!

There was a great atmosphere on board, with a goal of victory that we dreamed of, and that's super cool too.

Conclusion, I finished my first 2 races with a victory, and a lot of fun!

This boat is incredible, and all the work done to renovate and maintain it with the objective of neither throwing it away nor buying new, gives us additional satisfaction. We had no technical problems!

Today I only dream of one thing, successfully completing the USE IT AGAIN for YOUTH program with a monohull to be renovated according to the principles of the circular economy, to inspire young people like me. Show them that you can have fun and get results without always looking for new boats and the latest technologies. That was the world before! ".

📷 Matt Ashwell USE IT AGAIN