In the hard!

The weather conditions are picking up for Use It Again by Extia, which is continuing its hunt for competitors this evening. Little by little, Romain is moving up the Class40 and Rhum Mono fleet.

The words on board “It shakes on Use It Again by Extia. I currently have 30 knots and 4 meters of hollow, the boat hits the waves. I've managed to eat a little since that night but I'm still seasick and it takes a lot of my energy to maneuver. I managed to get some sleep in short bursts but it hits hard. I'm concentrating on getting the boat going well and I'm preparing for the difficult conditions in the next few hours. Christian (my router) announces a delicate passage between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. with more than 40 knots. I reduced the sail. I'm under 3 reefs in the mainsail. I will cross this new front with caution. »