News from Use It Again!by Extia

Hi Earthlings! What a joy to go back to sea after this fabulous Polynesian stopover. This weekend, I'm pretty much like a party day – so beautiful was the start – less headache! It was fabulous to start from Moorea, from Cook Bay which hosts coral nurseries from Coral Gardeners (fate is finally averted with the other Cook Bay in Argentina).…) It was really a lot of emotions to leave my family, the team we set up with the premises of Papeete (Mickael, Benji, Shaun, Bruno ..). Living all this in this majestic theater will remain engraved in my memory for a long time!

So I am now alone on my boat for 48 hours, I take my rhythm even if the first hours with more than 25 knots of wind on average put me in the bath directly! It's weird not to talk to anyone but I know I'll like it. I loved this solo experience on the Route du Rhum 2018. Since that night, the weather is complicated a little, a lot of grains, petole, I have to position myself correctly to avoid a beautiful plum that arrives tomorrow. And the good news is that unlike previous departures, I'm less seasick. See you soon! Happy Sunday to all, Romain.