Ushuaia's news

« "Hello everyone, two important information to share with you today, you who have been following us for several weeks.

The first, the boat: the damage caused by the friction of Use It Again! on the rocks are more consistent than we had imagined, especially on the central hull. The exchanges with the architect of the trimaran and the technical experts require to take the trimaran out of the water in Ushuaia in order to quickly start a project to secure the central hull. The bow and drift are also damaged but their structures do not seem to be affected. The propeller shaft chair is broken and could further damage the central hull. There is no choice, we have to get the boat out of the water and there will be work!

The second information concerns my teammate: Alex has decided not to continue this Westabout World Record Attempt. He left for Spain on Sunday evening. I have taken note of his choice.

I would have liked to give you better news but I do not give up and I am determined to do everything possible to continue the adventure by starting by saving this boat a second time! The first was in 2016: this beautiful legendary trimaran was abandoned on a quay in Brest in a pitiful state... Since then, thanks to the Use It Again! and our partners, we gave it a second life. He did a Route du Rhum, hundreds of miles in the Mediterranean and a few days ago, he reconnected with Cape Horn... I won't give up... I won't let Him down.

See you soon, to share with you the rest of the adventures of Use It Again! at the end of the world. My first mission today in Ushuaia: change Use It Again! pontoon Romain.