Bye bye and thank you Ushuaia!

Good news, Romain and Christophe left Ushuaia on Wednesday. They are currently in the Beagles Channel and should reach Cook Bay early tomorrow morning to start the big jump in the Pacific! A somewhat hasty departure since it is necessary as always to deal with the weather, the austral winter arrives, the temperatures drop and it is even under the snow that the duo should spend their first night in the canals of Patagonia. Christian Dumard, the router on land advised our sailors to leave as soon as possible so as not to have too strong wind out of Cook Bay tomorrow.

It is obviously a great moment for Romain to leave Ushuaia after a month spent in this port at the end of the world. The Use It Again adventure! by Extia is launched!

16 March 2022 Use It Again! teamby Extia. A mission worthy of Phileas Fogg! «I am enthusiastic and motivated both by the nautical adventure and by the human experience of cohabitation in a restricted space where the 4-hour shifts will alternate with the obligation to manage the rest times as well as possible. This type of proposal only comes up once in a lifetime. " explained Christophe before departure.