1000 miles traveled

Four days after leaving Ushuaia, the crew of the trimaran Use It Again! by Extia has traveled 1000 miles and headed north.

“Hi earth! Here is the Pacific which does not bear his name at all! We went back to the South Seas, it's cold. We had a lot of snow in the exit of the Canal de Beagles, the boat was covered in a few minutes. We have between 25-48 knots for 12 hours, it's going well! Fortunately, we are at the port but Use It Again by Extia is still regularly heckled with very big waves of crooks that make it vibrate from the mast head adrift.

Mixed impressions, always a little the feeling of being in the cosmos with my little seasickness as at each departure, I had to eat three peanuts since Wednesday! I think back to everything that happened in a month in Ushuaia, I went through so many emotions there, constrained and forced, I loved this stopover, this common enthusiasm of everyone on the spot, the Argentine Navy, the moral support of my partners, with hindsight, I tell myself that I am living a crazy adventure!

We took the road tonight to go around the anticyclone, we go up due North. It's pretty good, it's progressing well, we can't wait to arrive in the warm because it's very humid and a little too gray for my taste in the area! ” Romain aboard Use It Again! by Extia.