NEWS: Stand-by in Tierra del Fuego

Since Sunday evening, the trimaran Use It Again! team found refuge in the northwest of Lemaire Strait along Tierra del Fuego. After 48 hours under high tension in a wind blowing at more than 40 knots established with gusts recorded at 56 knots and in very rough seas, the trimaran made its way to Tierra del Fuego at all costs. Now safe, Use It Again! is on stand by at reduced speed along the coast which will allow our two sailors to rest and devote their day to tending to the small injuries of their boat. The passage of Cape Horn will take place during the week. When ? Hard to say. You will have to be patient!

«"The last three days have been trying. We finished by advancing at 8 knots without any sails after having more than 50 knots of wind and a disassembled sea. Today we are repairing what has been damaged and we are waiting for a lull to go back to Cape Horn. We are fine. We are armed to face what lies ahead. The challenge is hard but we do not forget the cause, it is worth it. We are doing our best with Alex to demonstrate on this record that we can do things differently and that the challenge of changing our consumption habits and the paths we take must change, it is about the survival of our children. »“, explains Romain.