Lancement de USE IT AGAIN for Youth

Romain Pilliard, entrepreneur, activist, and skipper of the trimaran USE IT AGAIN, named after the endowment fund created in 2018 to promote the circular economy, is continuing his adventure. After attempting the most difficult record in the world, ever achieved in multihulls, that of the Round the World in Reverse on his trimaran Ultime USE IT AGAIN and his participation in La Route du Rhum, Romain Pilliard announces his projects for 2023-2027 and launches USE IT AGAIN for YOUTH, a running and outreach program for young people.

In 2022, by traveling nearly 40,000 miles across the ocean, Romain Pilliard met and raised awareness with his USE IT AGAIN team more than 830 children about the protection of the ocean and the circular economy. Education, raising awareness of children, but also of students and business leaders are the main missions of USE IT AGAIN, whose objective in 2023 is to meet at least 3,000 children.

Today, the skipper of the Trimaran USE IT AGAIN announces a new campaign of sporting and human challenges for 2023-2027, the objective of which is to inspire as many people as possible.

On the program, single-handed and double-handed races in the Atlantic, mythical transatlantic races such as Quebec – Saint Malo 2024 and the Route du Rhum 2026, but also an attempt at the record of the Round the World Reverse in Solo. A Record against the prevailing winds and currents to show that we can no longer continue to act in the same direction, in a permanent quest for performance, whatever the ecological cost. " We must choose another path, harder certainly, but where we can preserve our resources and thus our future on the planet, without putting aside the performance and the human challenge, on the contrary! My double-handed Record attempt came to a halt last February, when we were looking for shelter in the Patagonian canals after rounding Cape Horn, yet we had done the hard part...This boat is exceptional, after completing this Around the world, I have blind faith in him, and I am more determined than ever to put the circular economy boat on this Record, and this time alone! “Explains Romain Pilliard.

The future of our planet is in everyone's hands, but especially those of future generations, and there are no better ambassadors for young people than young people themselves. Based on this observation, the USE IT AGAIN team decided to launch USE IT AGAIN For YOUTH by applying the concept of the USE IT AGAIN Trimaran, renovated according to the principles of the circular economy. The concept is as follows, recover an old racing boat, repair it according to the same principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and prepare it for high-level offshore racing.

The skipper of this first USE IT AGAIN for YOUTH boat will be Titouan Pilliard. A 17-year-old high school student, open bic navigator and foil windsurfer, committed to the climate with the Youth for Climate association and ambassador of Children For The Ocean, Titouan is the son of Romain. Together, they completed the last leg of the Round the World in 2022 between Cape Town in South Africa and La Trinité-sur-Mer, 5,800 miles covered in 25 days. “My passion for sailing and my taste for competition would lead me to try to sail on a new boat. But my awareness since my early childhood of the climate crisis, and the reality of the urgency that I share with people my age, pushes me today to think about ocean racing differently. But I'm not giving up the victory for all that! “Explains Titouan Pilliard.

In parallel with his studies, he will participate in the renovation of the boat, in double-handed races on the trimaran USE IT AGAIN in 2023 and 2024, and then will prepare for the Route du Rhum 2026. He will then certainly be the youngest skipper of this solo race, and obviously the most committed to the climate!

Follow Titouan on insta: @titouanpilliard_sailing and Romain on @romainpilliard_useitagain