Passage of a ridge

Halfway through the race, the trimaran Use It Again by Extia skippered by Romain Pilliard is progressing at 8 knots in the South West of Madeira. Since the start, the circular economy trimaran, like a large part of the fleet, has experienced particularly difficult weather conditions. Still far from the sweetness of the West Indies, while the first have already arrived in Pointe-à-Pitre, Romain measures how lucky he is to still be in the race with a boat in good condition. In a few hours, Use It Again by Extia will be gliding in the trade winds for an arrival scheduled for the middle of next week.

One last toll before the trade winds
Successive front crossings, waves of 4 to 5 meters, a boat that rises and crashes in each wave, the wind whistling sometimes at 40 knots in the sails of Use It Again by Extia, the first days races happened in survival mode! ” I hunkered down but I always felt safe on the boat. I really have a problem with seasickness in these conditions, it is not easy to manage, it takes a lot of energy, everything requires an effort in these moments. “, says the one who took his first real meal yesterday. ” There is an animal side in what we live. I took off my boots for the first time last night. I scrupulously follow the routings given to me by Christian Dumard, my router and meteorologist. I still have a ridge to cross, there is very little wind. In these conditions, you may not realize it on land, but I sleep even less, because I'm on the lookout for the slightest cloud, the slightest gust to move the boat forward.” In the next 24 hours, the wind will strengthen downwind and it will finally be the trade winds highway for the skipper of Use It Again by Extia.


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