Tikehau Capital provides financing solutions across the entire capital structure. They act as a long-term financial partner, with an entrepreneurial mindset. They work with entrepreneurs, founding families and management to define appropriate financing solutions, with a view to aligning the interests of the various stakeholders and enabling the company to achieve its strategic objectives.

Tikehau Capital is a partner of companies of all sizes in the financing of their activities. Its entrepreneurial DNA allows it to benefit from an immediate and strong understanding of companies' needs.

” We work closely with SMEs and entrepreneurs seeking finance to support their development. Our teams are constantly seeking to create new investment opportunities for our clients.” 

More info on: https://www.tikehaucapital.com/fr

Born from the invention of Jacques Cousteau and Émile Gagnan in 1943, Aqualung specializes in diving equipment. Committed to the protection of the oceans, the brand has chosen to partner today with Romain and accompany him in his challenges with Use It Again!

The company itself has been in a real transition to a more circular economy for several years, in particular by imagining new materials for products, packaging, and all processes.

Romain also participates in their sustainable development committee which works on these subjects. Use It Again! is a real source of inspiration for the team in charge of this transformation.

More info on: https://fr.aqualung.com/fr/ambassador_romainpilliard.html

Applied Satellite Technology Ltd (AST) is an independent communications services provider with 30 years of experience in the maritime industry.

Applied Satellite Technology Ltd (AST) is an independent provider of remote communication services with 30 years' experience in the maritime sector. We understand the needs and challenges of seafarers, and deliver game-changing connectivity technologies that enable digitalisation and decarbonisation solutions for a sustainable maritime industry. We are proud to be an official supporter to Use it Again!

More information on : www.theastgroup.com

The ultimate reference in swiss luxury chronograph watches, TAG Heuer’s high-precision timing innovations have kept pace with the evolution of sports since 1860. Our timepieces make it possible to capture every fraction of a second of a performance. Through partnering with exceptional athletes who strive to mark the history of their sports, TAG Heuer supports those who seek to push their own limits, whatever the conditions.

TAG Heuer is delighted to support Romain in his next challenge and wishes him all the best.


More information on : https://www.tagheuer.com


Created in 2001, Dream Yacht Charter is the world's No. 1 rental with more than 1200 boats available from more than 55 dream destinations, in the Mediterranean, the West Indies, Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Dream Yacht Charter offers a wide choice of cruises with or without crew as well as cabin cruises in the most beautiful archipelagos on the planet.

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